What do you know about shaft-hub connections of Ringfeder Locking Assembly?

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1. What is Ringfeder Locking Assembly?

Ringfeder Locking Assembly is an intermediate device connecting the motor, gearbox, and shaft with other transmission devices such as gears, sprockets, pulleys, levers, sliding mechanisms, etc. cables, conveyor belts, etc. thanks to the high frictional force that locks the shaft and equipment together simply by turning a few screws. With a strong structure, the shaft locking joint ensures that the gear, sprocket, etc. will not slip off the shaft and is capable of self-centering.

Ringfeder Locking Assembly

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2. What do you know about shaft-hub connections of Ringfeder Locking Assembly?

Shaft-Hub Connections

Traditional shaft hub connections are unsatisfactory in many applications, mainly where frequent start or stop rotations are involved.
Over time, keyway engagement becomes less accurate due to mechanical wear. The locking assembly produced by Ringfeder Germany bridges the gap between the shaft and the hub and distributes the power transmission over the entire surface, while with the key connection, the transmission is only concentrated in a limited area.

Ringfeder Locking Assembly from Dai Hong Phat
Ringfeder Locking Assembly from Dai Hong Phat

Keyless locking devices, also known as locking assemblies or keyless bushings, achieve a non-keyed connection between a machine part and a shaft by generating a huge clamping force between the inner ring and the shaft, and between the outer ring and the hub through the action of high-strength tensile bolts.
The resulting zero backlashes mechanical interference fit is suitable for high torque, thrust, bending, and/or radial loads, and unlike other installation techniques, it does not wear or impact even under high cyclic fluctuations or reverse loads.
In shaft-hub connections, the locking assembly replaces the traditional key and keyway system. It not only simplifies the assembly process but also reduces the risk of component damage due to stress concentrations in the keyway or fretting corrosion.
In addition, since the locking assembly can be easily installed and removed, maintenance and repair of the equipment can be done quickly and easily.

Ringfeder Locking Assembly
Ringfeder Locking Assembly

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3. Where to buy genuine Ringfeder Locking Assembly good price?

Ringfeder is a famous brand in Germany in the field of manufacturing actuators for Europe and the whole world. With many years of experience, aiming to bring valuable and high-quality products to customers, Dai Hong Phat has cooperated with Ringfeder to become the authorized representative to distribute spindle squeezer products. 100% company in Vietnam and the whole Southeast Asia region.
Therefore, when buying at Dai Hong Phat, customers do not need to worry about the price as well as the product quality. We promise to “REFUND 200% PRODUCT VALUE” if customers find it to be fake.

(Authorized Distributor for Ringfeder Products in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines, …)

Đại lý ủy quyền Ringfeder tại Việt Nam

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4. The benefits that customers receive when buying a Ringfeder Germany Locking Assembly:

– You can buy 100% genuine Keyless shaft bushing imported by Dai Hong Phat directly from the company.
– Customers can rest assured because the company will protect your risks against counterfeit goods for customers.
– There are full CO/CQ documents on Keyless shaft bushing provided by Dai Hong Phat company.
Locking devices is always available in the company’s warehouse for quick delivery to customers.
– The company will provide you with product technical drawings (when required).
– We always have a team of highly qualified technical experts.
– The company is always ready to give free advice on optimal solutions for customers’ factories.
– Dai Hong Phat Company provides genuine catalogs of products.
– Dai Hong Phat is free to change the specifications and sizes of Locking devices at your request.
– The company has a nationwide delivery service 24/7, giving you peace of mind to minimize downtime when your machines are in operation.
– Dai Hong Phat Company always has a professional fine-tuning workshop according to the individual requirements of customers.

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